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PayScale Predicts the 2020 Election Will be Closer Than Polls Indicate

If we learned anything in 2016, it is that the polls don’t always get election results right, especially when it comes to distinguishing between the popular vote and the Electoral College, which is what will actually determine the next President of the Unite

Amazon Is Hiring 100,000 Workers Right Now. Here Are More Companies Hiring During the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is changing work as we know it, sending folks home to work remotely, but also shuttering some businesses deemed “non-essential.” Many even temporarily closed businesses are laying off workers they can no longer afford to pay. If you

Jobs Report: Payrolls Added 273,000 Jobs in February, Beating Forecasts

Employers added 273,000 jobs to non-farm payrolls last month, according to the jobs report from the Labor Department, exceeding the 175,000 jobs predicted by economists. The unemployment rate dipped back down to 3.5%, matching a 50-year low. Further, the Labor

ADP: February Payrolls Beat Expectations; No Sign of Slowdown Due to Coronavirus

Prior to the release of the monthly ADP National Employment Report, economists polled by Dow Jones predicted the addition of 155,000 jobs to private payrolls in February. This morning, payrolls processor ADP reported that private employers added 183,000 jobs l

Coronavirus Fears Prompt Employers Like Twitter to Adopt Remote Work Policies

Looking for research? View PayScale’s Research and Strategy Guide on How to Set Pay for Remote Workers The recent outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 is prompting some governments to close their borders, the Federal Reserve to slash interest rates, and th

Jobs Report: Mild January Weather Boosts Payrolls

Non-farm payrolls added 225,000 jobs last month according to the latest jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, far exceeding economists’ predictions. Prior to the release of the report, economists surveyed by MarketWatch were calling for the additi

ADP: Private Payrolls Added 291,000 Jobs in January, the Most in 4 Years

Private-sector employers added 291,000 jobs last month, according to the monthly report from payrolls processor ADP. The tally nearly doubled estimates from economists and represented the highest gains since May 2015. “Mild winter weather provided a signific

Nearly Half of US Workers Have Low-Paying Jobs

The unemployment rate is at a 50-year low. But that doesn’t mean that workers are thriving. According to a recent analysis from The Brookings Institution, over half of U.S. workers hold low-paying jobs. Per the report: “…53 million Americans

Jobs Report: Hiring and Wage Growth Slowed in December

Payrolls added 145,000 jobs last month while the unemployment rate stayed at 3.5%, according to this morning’s jobs report from the Labor Department. Prior to the report’s release, economists polled by Reuters predicted the addition of 164,000 jobs to publ

ADP: Private Payrolls Added 202,000 Jobs in December

The year ended on a high note in terms of job creation. This morning’s jobs report from payrolls processor ADP showed the addition of 202,000 jobs to private payrolls. Prior to the report’s release, economists were calling for an increase of 160,000 jobs,

Are You Middle Class? (Are You Sure?)

What does it mean to be middle class in the 21st century? The definition of this social and economic group is fuzzier than you might think. It may also be getting fuzzier. Higher debt loads, stagnating wages and income inequality add up to a...

College Enrollment Is Down. Here’s What Colleges Are Doing to Woo Students.

There’s a college enrollment crisis and higher-ed officials are bringing in LeBron and glamming up their campuses to fix it. College enrollment numbers have been declining since they peaked in 2011, and the latest figures show a continuation of that trend. T

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